Cocktail Dress

When it comes to energetic relaxation at a party or dancing, there is no better option for clothing than a cocktail dress. This dress from a light mother with a skirt to her knees firmly became fashionable back in the 30s of the XX century and since then has become an integral attribute of festive leisure. Unlike formal and status evening dresses, cocktail dresses do not always mean participation in public and social events. You can buy a cocktail dress in order to wear it:

- on dates and walks with his chosen one;

- for going to a birthday or hosting guests;

- for the celebration of corporate parties, participation in official banquets;

- as a dress for graduation and graduation party;

- on the occasion of the holidays: New Year, International Women's Day, wedding of friends / girlfriends;

- a trip to a nightclub or home evening party.

The combination of convenience, practicality and aesthetic design make cocktail dresses indispensable in the wardrobe of a modern resident of a big city. For you, Amore Studio offers a wide selection of inexpensive cocktail dresses from contemporary designers in a wide variety of variations: from minimalistic plain plain cases without external decoration to richly decorated fringe and embroidered A-line dresses.

How to choose the right color for a cocktail dress

So that the future outfit was to face it is important to consider your color type. According to the color palette, the recommendations of stylists are as follows.

Spring color type

Appearance: fair skin, bright blush on the face, red or light brown hair, eyes green, cornflower blue.

Suitable warm pastel colors, coral, beige, light orange. Dark and saturated cold colors, black and gray spoil the image of lightness and freshness of spring-type girls.


Appearance: hair from ashy-white to dark blond, pale porcelain skin, a uniform olive tan, eyes from gray-blue to gray-brown.

The appearance of the "summer" girls is dominated by calm and soft tones, it does not have a sharp contrast in contrast to the "spring". They suit light blue and blue tones, gray and grayish-green (willow, wormwood), light raspberry and light lemon, wine shades, matte platinum. “Summer” ladies should avoid black cocktail dresses, as well as excessively dark and bright orange.


Appearance: hair of all shades of red, as well as brown and light brown, golden-beige or champagne-colored leather, green-brown, golden-brown or dark brown eyes.

The image of the "autumn" women is well complemented by copper, brown and red tones. Dark shades like olive and khaki are good for greens, and brass and corn for yellow. Red tones are also chosen as saturated as possible: burgundy, garnet, red-brown. From the blue spectrum, very few colors are suitable for this color type. For cocktail dresses, you can choose blue-black or muted turquoise. Representatives of the autumn type will have to completely abandon the gray and black.


Appearance: tar-black or ashen-brown hair, eyes of saturated and deep color without transition from one to another, porcelain or dark-olive skin.

"Winter" girls unconditionally go black, as well as all the "heavy" colors: lavender, ultramarine, cornflower blue, ultraviolet, fuchsia, raspberry. Also, “winter” ones look advantageous in combinations of sharply contrasting colors, which is worth using when choosing a cocktail dress: it can combine white with black, black with red, etc. But the pastel colors of clothes do not paint people of the winter type at all, because sharply discord with their expressive appearance.

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