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€1,649.00 €1,850.00
The sheath snow-white dress with the train, the extremely low neckline and the open back is suited only for the extraordinary brides. The gown across the whole length is garnished with the white embroidery with pearls and sequins that encases the long semi-transparent sleeves, sexy V-neckline right down to the waist and the stunning cutout ove..


€1,795.00 €2,000.00
The really luxuriant queen’s dress which will give zest to the entire wedding and be able to knock even the poshest ceremony with its beauty. It will highlight the bride’s look and make necessary accents on her assets. The puffy dress will work best for the apple-figure with smooth changeover from the shoulder line to the waist and hips. The s..


€1,395.00 €1,650.00
The tender high-necked dress which will show up all the soberness and chastity of the bride. The puffy ball A-line silhouette and the open back are the never-dying classics that is expressed in the luxuriance and presentability. Such dress will beautifully accentuate all the curves of the womanly hourglass figure featured with the mid-wide hip..


€1,650.00 €1,700.00
The puffy ball gown with sequins all across the length of the skirt with the long train. Such silhouette will excellently fit the girls with an hourglass figure with the slender waist and the hips and shoulders which have approximately identical with, as well as for the pear figure girls with strongly-pronounced hips and the smooth changeover ..


€2,495.00 €2,550.00
The mind-numbing bridal ball gown with the long floaty train that can make a true queen of the bride. Its snow-white corsage with the sweetheart neckline highlights the breasts and the refined embroidered shoulder straps add elegance to the bridal look, make it floaty and almost zephyrian. Such puffy ball gown of a ‘Princess’ silhouette with t..

La Perla

€800.00 €1,200.00
The modest and exceptionally romantic dress with the airy semi-transparent puffed sleeves. There is something medieval in this style, it’s like some subtle princesses in exactly the same gowns were marrying the princes charming. The dress is of A-line silhouette and is garmented with small white pears that make an impression of lightness and f..


€1,600.00 €1,800.00
The outrageously opulent and even somewhat ball wedding gown with the low cutout that opens a beautiful back. This dress is just made for the girls with the slender wasp waist and the soft shoulder line. Pretty wide straps are neatly wrapped around the shoulders and even open them a little bit making the appearance of the young bride sexier. T..


€1,650.00 €1,800.00
The snow-white puffy wedding ‘Princess’ dress with the lace and embroidery is just right for a big and canonically pompous wedding ceremony. This traditional gown without the excessive low cuts and extravagant details is strict and elegant at the same time. It looks gorgeous and stately, and the delicate embroidery across the shoulders and on ..


€1,390.00 €1,550.00
The classic jaunty ball gown that will excellently fit a bride with the apple figure and highlight the smooth shoulder, waist and hip lines. The boat neckline, three-quarter length sleeves and the extravagant embroidered corsage will look magnificent on a posh wedding ceremony or a retro-style celebration in any, even the coldest time of year...


€1,695.00 €1,800.00
The refined snow-white sheath dress with the long train and fully open back down to the lower back. This a choice of a bride that wants to show up her uniqueness and not to turn away from the classic. The bashful high neck and smooth forms are tempting and halting at the same time. Such dress will perfectly work as for a classic wedding ceremo..


€1,695.00 €1,800.00
The incredibly gorgeous and airy snow-white wedding ‘Princess’ dress with the huge train and long sleeves that are fully embroidered in a floral pattern which is still going till the waistline and seamlessly comes to the skirt. The dress with such silhouette will fit any young bride with a wasp waist and a tender shoulder line in the best way ..


€1,100.00 €1,350.00
The extravagant mermaid dress with the multi-layered skirt will perfectly fit the girls with a pear or an hourglass figure. Such silhouette will supremely well accentuate all the assets of the young bride – a slender wasp waist and dramatic hips. The gown is quite flexible and can look as a classic or as a contemporary oriental-fashioned dress..


€1,490.00 €1,600.00
An incredible wedding ball gown with a long flying train, which is decorated with sophisticated embroidery and sequins that shimmer like diamonds. A cutout bodice gives the dress a special restrained sexuality. This dress was created to turn the bride into a real queen. The upper part of the dress and straps are embroidered with a wonderful and rat..


€1,495.00 €1,600.00
The incredibly tender and romantic snow-white trumpet dress is absolutely extraordinary choice for a thematic wedding in light green, blue or violet colors. This gown is what should’ve been picked up by most of fantasy lovers as it is designed in the elven style. Such dress looks magnificent and romantic on every bride, still it better fits th..


€1,550.00 €1,600.00
The luxurious sheath dress with the long train. It will magnificently accentuate all assets of the young bride figure – a thin waist, wide hips and a smooth shoulder line. This dress is the very definition of lightness and ethereality. The low V-neckline comes down to the very skirt which is fully decorated with the lace pattern. The sleeveles..
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