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€1,995.00 €2,100.00
The breath-taking beautiful white wedding dress with feathers and the huge train embroidered with sequins sparkling like diamonds. Such dress will look amazingly on every bride. The low V-neckline opens the breasts but doesn’t make the look slangy but only stunning and tempting modestly. The snow-white airy feathers encase the corsage and come..


€1,200.00 €1,400.00
The dress is breathing with chasteness and the romantic appeal. Its main unique feature and zest have become the long semi-transparent airy sleeves. The eclecticism here is discernible in the combination of the contemporary classics and something medieval. The dress has an A-line silhouette and is embroidered with the small white pearls that a..


€1,295.00 €1,450.00
The snow-white classic A-line dress with the huge long train. It breaths with luxuriance and refinement. The gown with such silhouette will look fabulous on the girls with a pear figure; it will accentuate the thin sparrowy shoulders, a slender waist and a stunning hips line. The top of the dress has two V-cutouts front and back that show up t..


€2,249.00 €2,500.00
The luxurious ball wedding gown off-the-shoulder excellently would look at the lushest great wedding, Silver patterned finish across the whole dress fit perfectly for a traditional big ceremony in a premium hotel with the pompous designing in cold colors with some silver decorations. The staylace on the chest looks tender and exquisitely. The ..


€1,000.00 €1,300.00
The extraordinary A-line white wedding dress in specific discernible loft style. Such dress perfectly highlights all the curves of a womanly hourglass figure and accentuates a thin wasp waist. The corsage is embroidered in pleasant and exquisite pattern and the slightly open back with the sleeveless fashion adds special tenderness to the whole..


€1,899.00 €2,100.00
The outstandingly tender plus incredibly stunning white wedding dress with the long train will perfectly work for any ceremony – classic, offside and contemporary one. The A-line silhouette will accentuate all the advantages of an hourglass or pear figure of the girls with a slender thin waist and a smooth hips line. The open back and arms add..


€1,099.00 €1,300.00
The snow-white A-line dress that breathes with tenderness and romance is just made for a young girl and an uppermost day of her life. The retro-style highlights the bride’s refined taste. The top of the gown is made of two parts – the quite high-necked corsage with the small V-neckline and short tulle net sleeves decorated with exquisite embro..


€1,699.00 €1,900.00
The contemporary and incredibly fancy mermaid wedding dress with the detachable milky-white skirt. This is the choice of the brave girls that don’t want to have a common conventional wedding. The dress is really flexible, that’s why it will perfectly work as for a classic ceremony as for an offsite one and even for a festive banquet. Ideal fig..


€1,749.00 €2,100.00
The incredibly airy and practically weightless luxurious A-line wedding dress will look splendidly on the most refined brides-to-be. The best figure type for such gown is a pear figure since the girls with a slender waist and the wide hips can accentuate these assets in this fashion. The semi-transparent upper corsage layer with the long decor..


€1,795.00 €2,000.00
The gown of a real princess with significant conspicuous Greece silhouette – almost straight from the top to the very knees and a little bit flared beneath. Such dress will perfectly fit the girls with an hourglass figure and will look really womanly on a pear figure. Also such gown will look magnificently on a girl with a rectangle shape that..


€1,995.00 €2,100.00
The classic snow-white wedding dress will excellently work as at a traditional celebration as at a contemporary offside ceremony. The simple but extravagant sequined pattern is repeated all over the dress length including the whole long train. This dress will look fabulous on the girls with a slender waist and accentuated shoulder and hip line..


€1,995.00 €2,150.00
The unique gown of the classic A-line silhouette in incredibly popular cream ivory. Such dress is flexible and will splendidly comply with any ceremony whether they are the never-dying classics, contemporary modern or a celebration on the order of something uncommon. Such dress has a defined natural fashion. The embroidery in the form of the s..


€1,795.00 €2,130.00
The girly-tender and incredibly romantic snow-white wedding gown with the puffy skirt and low but lean laced neckline is apparently designed for the young ladies that have found the love of their life. The embroidery all around the hemline and the lace across the borders make the skirt of the dress lightweight and floaty in spite of the long t..
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